Terms and Conditions

    Cut off:
  • Carryout and Delivery - 12:00am Midnight.
  • Consumed on premises - 2:00am.
    Delivery Checklist:
  • An Entree [dish served as main course] must be ordered.
  • Four(4) case limit per household per day (96 beers, mix or match).
  • Purchaser must provide full name, birthdate, and photo ID as proof of being 21 years of age at the door.
  • NO I.D. means NO BEER and NO REFUND.
  • Please contact us. (757-301-8301) 3501 Holland Rd. Va Beach. VA 23452
  • We take requests. If you've seen a beer sold in Hampton Roads and you want it, we can (probably) get it for you!
  • Beer subject to Virginia State and City Taxes.